Prisoners & Paralysis

The year: 2150. Mankind: colonizing space.  Hedonium, a non-combustible and nearly unbreakable energy source, propels them outward.

Miles, a prisoner, gets sent on a mining mission to a war-torn planet in exchange for his freedom. If he runs he'll be immediately paralyzed via a chip in his wrist. If he values his life, he must deal with his ship’s owner who is hell-bent on reaching the most dangerous mine on the planet. 

Scriptapalooza (Finalist), ScreenCraft Sci-Fi (Semi-Finalist)


A Revisionist Take On Superheroes

In the near future, FBI Agent James Braddock gets demoted to a local field office. Between this and his pregnant ex-wife (is it even his?), he's at the edge of the world and ready to leap off.

But when a local Senator is found murdered in a hellish ether fire, he's tasked with a case his superiors dub terrorism. But with new murders adding up, the killer's serial killer-esque campaign of terror and clues about a powerful defense contractor, Braddock begins to suspect a coverup. He comes to realize may not be dealing with any 'normal' villain at all. 

Screencraft Action/Thriller (quarter-finalist, still in the running), Shore Scripts (semi-finalist), 

A Revisionist Take On Superheroes

A Surreal Journey Into the '99 and the 2000s. 

Love-lusting highschooler Jordan seeks to win back his girlfriend during a surprise visit to her at a college party. He's joined by his best friend Nick (the delinquent) who is a walking hazard.


Unbeknownst to them, they seem to be trapped in a bizarre simulation of some sort.


Without a car, the Boys borrow Nick's drug-dealing brother's car under the circumstances that they transport weed to his client's on the way.


With a vendetta-fueled cop on their tail, their trip gets progressively more surreal and Jordan wonders whether he can win back his girlfriend whilst keeping his friend. 



ScreenCraft Comedy (Semi-Finalist), Script Pipeline Screenwriting Contest (Quarter-Finalist)

Birth of A Supervillain

Grounded Thriller - Dark Family Drama - Action

A disgraced FBI agent must juggle his family falling apart while investigating the murder of a Senator and her young son, but as the killer proves to be anything but ordinary, a powerful family and the FBI itself stands in his way.

Austin Film Festival - Semi-Finalist

Academy Nichols Fellowship - Top 15%

PAGE Awards - Quarter-Finalist

Screencraft Fellowship - Semi-Finalist

Scriptapalooza Screenplay Competition - Quarterfinalist



Comedy - Revenge Thriller - Existential Sci-Fi

An intergalactic news crew documents an ‘Earth Story’: a resurrected woman and a cop forced into an early retirement team to take revenge on her killer - her husband -- with the help of a bureaucrat who was tasked to take her soul to a horrific afterlife.

In Development - Draft Status


Teen Comedy - Road Movie - Grounded Sci-Fi

Two delinquent best friends take their fractured relationship on a dangerous road trip to get to a college party where one of them hopes to rekindle things with his girlfriend. Unbeknownst to them, they are stuck in an extraterrestrial simulation that threatens their plans and their friendship itself.

Austin Film Festival - Second Rounder

Screencraft Comedy Competition - Semi-Finalist


Thriller - Crime - Dark Family Drama

A journalist investigates a police department facing a public referendum amidst the case of a murdered girl, whose unstable ex-con father looks for the killer while a corrupt cop looks to place the blame on him. Frankenstein meets Picasso's Blue Period.

In Development - Draft Status

The Colony

Sci-Fi - Action - Drama

A prisoner gets sent on a resource excavation mission on a war-torn planet with an owner who grows more maniacal by the day. If our prisoner tries to escape he risks paralyzation. It's only when the crew take on a young, orgphaned refugee that he finds his true purpose: to protect her and redeem his past crimes.

Scriptapalooza Fellowship - Finalist


Comedy - Action - Chaos

Three interlocking stories of duos with major control issues who are flung into chaotic, extra-worldly situations and must relent their need to control to get out alive all whilst a trickster, devil-like character inhabits different identities and sets out to cause chaos in each story. 

In Development - Draft Status