One Bad Night

(also Writer, Producer, Editor)

Thriller - Mystery - Horror

A mysterious woman wakes up, left for dead in the desert. She makes a treacherous journey back to a small desert town to enact her revenge.

Nightmares Film Festival - Official Selection; Best Writing - Short (Nominee)

Atlanta Horror Festival - Official Selection

Horrorfest International - Official Selection

(Other Festivals Pending/Delayed Due To COVID-19)

Online Premiere - Bloody Disgusting

Online Premiere - Film Shortage

Online Premiere - Cinehub

Distribution - ShortsTV (AMC)

Distribution - Bloody Disgusting

The Baby Next Door

(also Co-Writer, Producer, Editor)

Thriller - Mystery - Horror

A spitfire, fast, fever dream of a short. A man stressed out by his job, his recent breakup, and the insomnia inducing cries of a baby next door struggles to keep it together while self-medicating with drugs as a grisly secret is slowly revealed.

Currently In Post-Production

Nightmares Film Festival - Official Selection

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